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At Fagito & Poto Crop, a leading name in the world of mango fruit pulp, fruit concentrate, lemon concentrate, totapuri mango fruits, and Tetra pack fruit juices. With immense pride in our products and a wealth of experience in the industry, we are eager to explore new horizons and foster mutually beneficial partnerships.

At Fagito & Poto Crop, we have honed our craft over the years, mastering the art of producing premium-quality mango-based products that delight taste buds worldwide. Our mango fruit pulp is extracted from the freshest and juiciest mangoes, capturing the authentic essence of this tropical delight. The fruit concentrate is a concentrated burst of flavor, perfect for various culinary and beverage applications. For those seeking the tangy zest of lemon, our lemon concentrate is the ideal choice, crafted with utmost care and attention.

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